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Director: Andreas Marschall
Cast: Michael Balaun, Lucyna Bialy
Studio: Reel Gore Releasing Genre: Horror
Pre-Order Date: 0000-00-00 Release Date: 2016-09-13
Production Year: 2016 SRP: $39.95
Catalog #: RGR002 UPC: 881190600290
Format: DVD/BD/CD Combo Number of Discs: 3
Language: English Subtitles:
Picture Format: Widescreen Anamorphic 1.66:1 Audio Format: Surround Sound
Plot Summary:

In her quest for fame, drama student Stella gets caught in the grip of a mysterious and deadly stage school. Stella longs to be an actress. When she is accepted to a private school in Berlin, her dream seems to come true. But there is something wrong with the “Matteusz Gdula-Institute”. In the seventies, the school´s founder, Matteusz Gdula, practiced a learning style that promised to let students shine by driving them to their mental limits. In the end his method was banned, as mysterious deaths occurred during his lessons and Gdula committed suicide.

At night, Stella hears eerie sounds in the corridors of the school. A fellow student disappears. Stella suspects that behind the closed door to the abandoned, forbidden wing of the school lurks a bloody secret. A secret that kills the students... First 3000 copies include: CD - Original Soundtrack, Collectible Blu-ray/DVD Slipcase and Sleeve, 24 Page Booklet.

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Disc Extras:

- First 3000 copies include: CD - Original Soundtrack, Collectible Blu-ray/DVD Slipcase and Sleeve, 24 Page Booklet.
- New 2K HD Transfer and Restoration (from original 8mm films)
- Bettie Page Kamera Club Films (8mm films in HD)
- Bettie Page/Irving Klaw HD Video photo gallery
- Bettie Page Uncovered: The Private Life & Photographs
- (Q&A with Ron Brem, nephew of Bettie Page) 2016, HD
- Collectible Blu-ray O-ring silver embossed

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