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Gestapo's Last Orgy
Director: Rino Di Silvestro
Cast: John Steiner, Lina Polito, Erna Schurer
Studio: Intervision Pictures Corp. Genre: War, Erotica
Pre-Order Date: 11-30--0001 Release Date: 06-03-2014
Production Year: 1976 SRP: $24.98
Catalog #: INT9243 UPC: 663390000243
Format: DVD Number of Discs: 1
Language: English Subtitles:
Picture Format: Widescreen 1.78:1 Audio Format: Stereo 2.0
Plot Summary:
In the tradition of THE NIGHT PORTER, SALON KITTY and SALO – only far more depraved – comes perhaps the most notorious Nazisploitation epic of them all: Daniela Levy (aka Italian TV presenter and future UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Daniela Poggi) stars as a beautiful young death camp prisoner forced into a nightmare of brutality, torment and sexual degradation. But will a Commandant’s vilest urge trigger her ultimate vengeance? Marc Loud (aka Adriano Micantoni of TOMB OF TORTURE) co-stars in this fetid slice of filth-strudel – also known as LAST ORGY OF THE THIRD REICH and CALIGULA REINCARNATED AS HITLER – now presented totally uncut and uncensored, including the infamous dinner scene that still has the film banned in the UK!
Additional Information


- DVD Artwork

Disc Extras:

- Camp Rino- Interview with Director Rino Di Silvestro.
- A Brief History of Sadiconazista- Interview with Film Historian Marcus Stiglegger

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