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Erlprince, The
Director: Kuba Czekaj
Cast: Stanislaw Cywka, Agnieszka Podsiadlik, Sebastian Lach
Studio: Altered Innocence Genre: Fantasy
Pre-Order Date: 06-11-2019 Release Date: 07-09-2019
Production Year: 2016 SRP: $19.99
Catalog #: AI-16D UPC: 682863690880
Format: DVD Number of Discs: 1
Language: Polish, English Subtitles: English
Picture Format: Widescreen 2.40:1 Audio Format: DTS 5.1 HD
Plot Summary:

From Kuba Czekaj, the director of 'Baby Bump' comes a startling new vision of childhood genius and teenage angst. An exceptionally gifted teenage boy is about to start studying physics at a university specializing in the theory of parallel worlds. He has an extraordinary mind and a wounded soul, which his mother, who steers his life, seems incapable of healing. Then a Man appears in their lives and, as the Boy passes from the hands of the Mother into his care, a new order is established. Their torturous road forms a bond between the three central characters, but their shared happiness is not to last long.

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- Blu-ray Artwork
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Special Features:

- Short Film: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Room by Kuba Czekaj.
- Original Trailer.
- Other Trailers.


- 'The Erlprince' has a teenage, gothic vibe, as though the kid in 'Baby Bump' had swapped his Disney animations and comic books for Marilyn Manson and My Chemical Romance. --Eye For Film

-  Kuba Czekaj's wild tale functions like a ballad about the end of childhood and the entering of a new and undiscovered territory. --Variety


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