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Cruel Jaws
Director: Bruno Mattei
Cast: David Luther, George Barnes Jr., Scott Silveria
Studio: Severin Films Genre: Horror
Pre-Order Date: 09-01-2020 Release Date: 09-29-2020
Production Year: 1994 SRP: $29.98
Catalog #: SEV93749 UPC: 663390003749
Format: Blu-ray Number of Discs: 1
Language: English Subtitles: N/A
Picture Format: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1 Audio Format: Dolby Digital Mono
Plot Summary:
He defied all laws of good taste and international copyright with SHOCKING DARK and ROBOWAR. He reset the bar for batsh*t crazy ItaloHorror with RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR and HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD. And in 1995, legendary director Bruno Mattei – here as 'William Snyder’ – stunned the civilized world with this ultimate sharksploitation saga that liberally borrows characters, plot and footage from Joe D’Amato’s DEEP BLOOD and Enzo G. Castellari’s THE LAST SHARK (and that’s just the tip of a very litigious fin). Filmed in South Florida with a cast of now-ashamed unknowns that includes a Hulk Hogan lookalike, experience “the epitome of outrageous thievery cinema” (All Movie) – actually released in some countries as JAWS 5 – now remastered uncut in HD for the first time ever.
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Special Features:

- The Great White Way - A Study in Sharksploitation with Rebekah McKendry
- These Things Got Made! - Interview with Actor Jay Colligan
- Trailer


What else could Severin release that we need? Ken Russell’s The Devils? Girls Nite Out? Reform School Girls? Crossing my fingers here. In the meantime, I am content with Cruel Jaws and will even argue it is better than Jaws the Revenge. -

"Incredible... The TROLL 2 of killer shark movies and a level of cinematic thievery never experienced before.” - B-Movie Film Vault

"Awe inspiring... A one-stop shop of incoherence, absurdity and disparate shark footage that makes it THE AVENGERS of JAWS knock-offs.” - Oh The Horror!

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