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School of Death
Director: Pedro L. Ramirez
Cast: Dean Selmier, Sandra Mozarowsky, Norma Kastel, Carlos Mendy
Studio: Mondo Macabro Genre: Horror
Pre-Order Date: 01-21-2022 Release Date: 02-08-2022
Production Year: 1974 SRP: $29.95
Catalog #: MDO241 UPC: 843276024192
Format: Blu-ray Number of Discs: 1
Language: English, Spanish Subtitles: English
Picture Format: High Definition 1080p 1.37:1 Audio Format: DTS-HD MA 2.0 Stereo
Plot Summary:

The outwardly respectable St. Elizabeth’s Refuge in Victorian London is a place where young orphans and other female waifs and strays are trained to be good servants, destined for employment in the houses of upstanding citizens. One by one the girls are sent out into the world, never to be seen again. The headmistress, Miss Wilkins, is a firm disciplinarian.

Any of her girls who seem rebellious or wanton will be taken to the punishment room and given a good whipping by her willing assistant, Miss Colton. But should the girls fall into the hands of the sinister Dr. Krueger, their fate will be even worse. One of the most rebellious students, Leonore - played by Spanish actress Sandra Mozarowsky - is determined to find out what happened to her friend Sylvia, who died after being sent to a rich man’s house one night.

 What she discovers is more horrifying and twisted than she could ever have imagined. But will she live to tell the tale? This dark tale of Gothic horror appears on disc for the first time ever and in a new digital restoration from the original negative.

Additional Information


- Blu-ray Artwork
- Sell Sheet

Blu-ray Special Features:

- Brand new 4k transfer from film negative
- Audio commentary from Kat Ellinger
- Double-sided sleeve featuring original art work
- English/Spanish audio choice with optional subtitles
- Mondo Macabro previews


“It’s a brilliant and sincerely moving work of art in its own right, worthy to stand alongside any mainstream classic”. Cassandra Burke, thecarbonfreeze

“This is one wonderful, opulent piece of Eurotrash. I want to live in it.” Laird, Letterboxd

“The Frightened Woman bubbles with a buoyant wit and manages to captivate, titillate and dazzle the senses in high style.” Andrew Pragasam, The Spinning Image

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