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Star Blazers DVD, Series 1 "The Quest for Iscandar" Part II (Episodes 6-9)
Studio: Voyager Entertainment Genre: Anime
Pre-Order Date: 11-30--0001 Release Date: 11-30--0001
Production Year: 0 SRP: $29.95
Catalog #: OOO29 UPC: 769071000295
Format: DVD Number of Discs: 0
Language: Subtitles:
Picture Format: Audio Format:
Plot Summary:
It's 2201 and the galaxy is threatened by a massive warship disguised as a comet. The Argo blasts off for Telezart, guided by signals from a strange woman called Trelaina, who can harness energy in mind and control matter. Meanwhile, Prince Zordar sets the comet Dreadnought's course for Earth. Captain Wildstar's old enemy, Desslok attacks the Argo one last time. And Trelaina prepares to challenge the enemy's energy with her own.
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