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Studio: Mondo Macabro | Pre-Order Date: 12/12/2023 | Street Date: 01/09/2024
Number of Discs: 1 | Production Year: 1977
Director: Shunya Ito
Starring: Shin'ya Ohwada, Emiko Yamauchi, Masami Hasegawa

Format: Blu-ray | Cat #: MDO286 | UPC: 843276028695 | SRP: $29.95
Audio Format: DTS 5.1 HD | Screen Format: Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1
Language: English | Subtitles: N/A

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A trio of young scientists from the city head out into the countryside to investigate a source of uranium at the base of a sacred mountain. On their way, they carelessly destroy a roadside shrine and run over and kill a dog belonging to a local boy. The boy puts a curse on them and tries to disrupt the wedding when a local girl, Reiko, marries one of the trio.

Back in the city, the newlyweds are subjected to a string of increasingly disturbing and inexplicable happenings and Reiko slowly goes insane, convinced that her husband has been cursed and that she has been possessed by the spirit of the Dog God.

 An attempt to exorcise her ends in tragedy when she dies during the ceremony. One of the trio of scientists throws himself off a skyscraper and a second member of the group is fatally attacked by a pack of feral dogs. But these terrible events are only the start of the Curse of the Dog God...

Written and directed by Shunya Ito, director of the the first three of the Female Prisoner Scorpion series of women-in-prison films, Curse of the Dog God was one of the earliest Japanese films, in the wake of the Exorcist and The Omen, to tackle occult themes. Packed full of bizarre and shocking events, it’s a film ripe for rediscovery. This Blu-ray premier features a host of exclusive extras, including a rare interview with director Shunya Ito.


-Brand new 2k transfer from film negative
-Digitally restored
-Interview with director Shunya Ito
-Interview with Koji Shiraishi
-Audio commentary from Marc Walkow and Chris Poggiali
-Original trailer
-Sleeve features new artwork by Justin Coffee


"When I say I want a good, 70s-era Japanese exploitation film, this is exactly what I have in mind. Lurid, shocking, creepy, a bit supernatural with the edge of “man is the real evil” — and best of all, a lucid plot line." Maddy Flowers Sheehy, Letterboxd

"Lots of superlatives here, but this is a great movie - one of the best Japanese movies I've seen in long while." Ninja Dixon

"There’s a lot going on here, packed to the sprocket holes with wild and crazy stuff that will leave most non-Japanese viewers (and who knows, maybe a few Japanese too) scratching their heads. Kevin Lyons


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