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About CAV Distributing

We are a DVD/Blu-ray distribution and replication company which opened its doors in 1984. At that time, there were very few companies distributing the “high end” movie software of that period - which was laser discs.

As the distribution of this software continued to expand - there became a greater need for manufacturing these discs for independent film companies. Starting in 1991, the company expanded it’s operations to include full service optical manufacturing. Long recognized for premium service - CAV’s list of replication customers continued to expand.

Our attention to detail and true customer satisfaction furthered this growth and the company moved to a larger facility in 1994, and doubled its space again in 1999. The laser disc market began to decline with the introduction of the DVD/Blu-ray format. Phasing out laser discs - the company became a “full line” DVD/Blu-ray distributor and replication company in 1997. By 2001, CAV was stocking over 13,000 different DVD/Blu-ray titles. At this point the decision was made to trim the number of lines and titles to a more manageable quantity.

Today we focus solely on a few select lines for whom we can bring their titles to the US and Canadian marketplaces and thereby maximize the sales per title. As both a distributor and replicator, CAV is able to move its licensors' products directly from master tape to retail shelves with a minimum of involvement required by the rights holders.

CAV's replication division continues to grow with more automation being added regularly to better handle the ever increasing volume of DVD, Blu-ray and CD jobs. In 2003 we have again nearly doubled our space to meet our client's needs.
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