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Studio: Massacre Video | Pre-Order Date: 05/04/2024 | Street Date: 06/11/2024
Number of Discs: 1 | Production Year: 2022
Director: Greg Swinson, Ryan Thiessen
Starring: Natalie Terrazzino, JC Oakley III, Trevor Tucker

Format: Blu-ray | Cat #: MVB-033 | UPC: 663390004906 | SRP: $34.99
Audio Format: PCM Stereo | Screen Format: Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1
Language: English | Subtitles: English

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On an unassuming night, Karen, a night-shift janitor, finds herself in a fight for survival in "HUNT HER, KILL HER." This intense thriller, set within the confines of a desolate shipping warehouse, chronicles her terrifying confrontation with sinister, masked intruders. The film is a raw depiction of instinctual survival, capturing Karen's transformation from an everyday worker to a fierce survivor.

Massacre Video, in collaboration with Welcome Villain Films, is proud to present "HUNT HER, KILL HER" on Blu-ray. This definitive high-definition release follows the film's successful theatrical run, allowing genre fans to experience this bold, unflinching tale of human survival in its optimal format.

 Directed by Greg Swinson and Ryan Thiessen, this controversial film is a confrontational masterpiece, uncompromising in its portrayal of resilience and survival. Fully uncut and uncensored, it emerges as a refreshingly raw and unsterilized entry in modern horror, offering an intense and relentless exploration of terror.


-Feature Commentary w/ lead actress Natalie Terrazzino, writer/director Greg Swinson, and co-director Ryan Thiessen
-Deleted Scenes
-Theatrical Trailer
-Trailers for other Massacre Video Releases


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